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20 February 2012 5221 times

Over the last couple of decades Thailand has become one of the most loved travel destinations in the world. Each year many thousands of people visit Muang Thai (as it is known locally) for a travel experience they do not easily forget.

Why though is Thailand such a popular destination? Why do visitors love this country so much? Perhaps the main reason for Thailand's popularity is its diversity - it doesn't matter which aspect of Thailand you consider, you are confronted by extremes wherever you look. Although there's no snow (unless of course you count artificial snow!), Thailand has many types of landscape on offer. The mountainousregions of the north with its valleys filled with swirling fogs and mists create a stark contrast to the plains of central and northeastern Thailand. Eastern Thailand's plains and hills offer fertile land ripe for jungle and agriculture, and as with southern Thailand, offers some of the most attractive beaches and islands on the planet. Of course, all this nature is set against Thailand's metropolitan areas; Thailand is home to some major cities, Bangkok, the country's capital, certainly the largest and the most formidable.

Culturally, Thailand is equally diverse as its geography. Unlike other countries in the region, Thailand has never been colonized and its history and culture have remained intact to develop a natural course. A predominantly Buddhist country, Thailand is a place of ritual and practice that are unfamiliar to most visitors and enhance the country's exotic appeal. Influences throughout the country (Chinese influence in the north; Islamic influence in the south, etc.) add further to the intrigue Thailand generates. Many parts of country are home to hill tribes and traditional peoples whose traditional ways of life remain untouched and present a fascinating insight into the development of this country.

Thailand Packages!

3D2N Bangkok Free & Easy 
3天2晚 曼谷 自由行
Travelling Period : Sep 2014 – Mar 2015 

3D2N Krabi + Four Islands Hopping by Long-tail Boat 
3天2晚 喀比岛 + 四岛游(长尾船) 
Travelling Period : 22 Aug 2014 – 31 Oct 2015 

4D3N Bangkok / Pattaya / Railway Market / Art in Paradise 
3天2晚  曼谷 / 芭提雅 / 火车市集  / 3D 幻觉立体美术馆 
Travelling Period : 12 Sep 2014 – 31 Mar 2015  

4D3N Koh Samui 
4天3晚 苏梅岛 
Travelling Period : Before 31 March 2015 

4D3N Phuket ~ Phi Phi Island & Phang Nga Island 
4天3晚 普吉岛 ~彼彼岛& 攀牙湾 
Travelling Period : Before 31 March 2015 

5D4N Bangkok - Hua Hin (2 to go) 
5天4晚  曼谷 - 华欣 (2 人行)  
Travelling Period :  30 Sep 2014 – 31 Mar 2015 

5D4N Chiangmai / Chiangrai (Day Trip)  
5天4晚 清迈 / 清莱(一日游)
Travelling Period :  01 Nov 2014 – 30 Oct 2015  

5D4N Bangkok / Pattaya / Railway Market / Art in Paradise  
5天4晚 曼谷 / 芭提雅 / 火车市集 / 3D 幻觉立体美术馆 
Travelling Period : 12 Sep 2014 – 31 Mar 2015  


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